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What you are listening to is a mix. It is also a portrait. A portrait of many moments in time; placed carefully into the vast pool of information, within which much has been lost or forgotten. However, these pieces have the ability, like all music, to transport an engaged listener to those moments of their creation. Hit play without any preconception. Find a comfortable seat and pour out some tea; move around in your space freely.

This compilation is a collection of unheard sounds. They hold the potential to become unexpected assets. As a result, what we gain is Something, yet it is by virtue of [the] Nothing that these can be put to use. Let them wash over you without expectation.

The objective is community, without striving for it. Methods are found in the recognition of balance between commonality and distinction. Alliance can be found in all places. In an ally it is benevolence that matters.

Blunt the sharpness; untangle the knots; soften the glare
Darkly visible, it only seems as if it were there.


released May 13, 2016

This was created as part of Boiler Room's Upfront Series at the end of March 2016. Much love to Errol Anderson and BR for reaching out and including us.

Much gratitude to all the artists/musicians who contributed +++


Pt. I

Bastet • Broken Blinds bastet3.bandcamp.com
Daoud. • fuchsia soundcloud.com/daoudmakesmusic
prime.cut • MORN https://primecut.bandcamp.com/
Sufyvn • Brainwash https://sufyvn.bandcamp.com/
Pacific Yew • (((( Mudd )))) https://nomad1.bandcamp.com/
Cheflee • new TV
Rob Finucane • satisfied https://soundcloud.com/rfinucane
Javi Santiago • Yee https://javi2.bandcamp.com/
pAS dOO • your eyes https://soundcloud.com/patmessy
Chris Keys • heatwaves ft. oh quelle KP https://soundcloud.com/chriskeys

Pt. II

mieksneak • come down https://mieksneak.bandcamp.com/
Pink Siifu • money ft. yung morpheus https://ronee.bandcamp.com/
Austin Antoine • No DOubt https://austinantoine.bandcamp.com/
SELA. • WANT YOU https://selaone.bandcamp.com/
Casey Mattson • Sherrykidsnew https://soundcloud.com/caseymattson
Tamara Renée • Jonesin for Ms. Mornin https://tamararenee.bandcamp.com/
Daoud. • nickel https://soundcloud.com/daoudmakesmusic
asonic garcia • kismet w/ Cheflee https://lofismokemusic.bandcamp.com/
dil withers • samba https://soundcloud.com/dilsound


Jonah Christian • Ummah (Waves) https://soundcloud.com/jonahlchristian
Cor Stidak & John Looke • Mood Ring soundcloud.com/johnlooke
Gi Tori • Mas.ta
Tropico • Rocketship https://soundcloud.com/snkabeatz
salami rose joe louis • cool down https://salamirosejoelouismusic.bandcamp.com/
D'Flower [live] https://dirtytapes.bandcamp.com/album/deflower-ep
Shungu • estippart https://shungujazz.bandcamp.com/
Art Vandelay • untitled [live] https://artvandelay1.bandcamp.com/
Broke/ • Valentina https://soundcloud.com/murdercassette
Absent Avery • guapo https://absentavery.bandcamp.com/
?? & ?? • Quence & Thought


KG, B • yg&b (give freedom back) https://kazemde.bandcamp.com/
bluezr • lung smoke https://bluezr.bandcamp.com/
Paper Plates • rob ur plug [some day] https://paperplates.bandcamp.com/
Mark Aubert • La La La https://markaubert.bandcamp.com/
Cosmic Analog Ensemble • Yellow Triangles https://hisstology.bandcamp.com/
Cole from eslewhere • mr freeze
enzo • dry https://enzoloops.bandcamp.com/
mejiwatson • loftiness
earoh • WaterUpMyNose (InMySkin) https://earoh.bandcamp.com/
Keor Meteor • Draft Day https://keormeteor1.bandcamp.com/
Cheflee • Jonsmarch
tom chuchery • old reels

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